Car Insurance News – Are You Paying More Than $9/Week For Your Auto Insurance?

Are You Paying More Than $9/Week For Your Auto Insurance?

Discount car insurance providers have been around for years now. Many offer a wide range of quotes and most differ from their claims. It would take the average consumer days, if not weeks, to sort through all the quotes and get down to the real numbers. Here at we were very skeptical on whether or not these discount car insurance companies were real and if they worked. We decided to put them to the test. What better way to find out the truth than to conduct our own study?

I wanted to change car insurance carriers, so I was put in charge of this test. First, I did a ton of research on the subject to find out which discount car insurance site was the most trustworthy and ultimately would be best suited for my test. After hours and hours of research I came to the conclusion that was the best because of its wide variety of car insurance coverage, lowest prices and great reputation.

The way these discount insurance sites supposedly work is that you fill out a form to request an insurance quote and the site decides which quote to send you, and only sends you one… even though there may be up to 10 different quotes from competing carriers that are actually lower than the one given to you. The reason for why they do this is because they need to rotate quotes from the various companies they work with to maintain a consistent amount of quotes from each company. However, by doing it this way, you the consumer aren’t getting the full benefit of all the quotes and possible discounts you’re entitled to. You could be over-paying just because you weren’t presented the quotes from all providers…many of them being lower than the one you were actually given. It’s a sad practice, and one that has gone overlooked too often. works differently. All you need to do is visit their site and enter your Zip-Code on the main page and you are presented with a list of car insurance providers with discounted prices already available before you even get a quote. You then click on any one of the carriers’ links which works best for you and proceed with the quote process… already knowing what discounts they have available.
This created an ideal situation for me, giving me all my options beforehand and knowing what the differences are between the carriers and exactly how much I can save going through one carrier versus another. With I was able to know how much I could save before even getting the quote … incredible! This site allows YOU to drastically save on your car insurance by allowing YOU to control your savings … who doesn’t want to save 50% and pay only $9 a week? In fact, we’ve heard from several satisfied people in the last few days who managed to save significant amounts by getting a quote from

Wondering How The CarInsurance Finders Can Provide Such Deals? works opposite from all other companies, and doesn’t yield a profit from any specific quote you receive. Rather, they work off of the collective number of quotes they bring in…regardless of who you choose. This way, they are not biased in which quotes are presented to you…they are all great discounted quotes and will provide you with ALL OF THEM.
Putting to the Test

First thing I did was enter my Zip-Code on their main page:

Car Insurance

I then entered my car information as well as information about myself they needed to get me accurate quotes.

Car Insurance Quotes

There is no need to do anything after filling out this simple form, will then use your information to get pinpoint accurate auto insurance quotes from every company that offers it and display them to you along with contact information for each insurance company providing the quote! It’s really that simple and takes less than 2 minutes to complete and see your new low rates.

Car Insurance

Here is a picture of my 6-month car insurance statement before doing this report:

Expensive Car Insurance

And here is my NEW 6-month car insurance statement after going through

Cheap Car Insurance

As you can see the savings are simply amazing. Thousands of people use every day to find the best rate. Below is a simple step-by-step guide anyone can use to get new quotes within 2 minutes:

A Step-By-Step Guide To

Step 1:
Go to and enter your Zip-Code to begin.

Step 2:
The website will take several seconds to search out the best possible quotes in your area.

Step 3:
Enter all the information you have about your automobile and driving history and hit submit.

Step 4:
Sit back and enjoy the savings. It’s really that easy!


At first I was skeptical on how much one can really save going through these discount car insurance sites. However, has broken the mold and opened up a new way to save on your car insurance…immediately. They allow you to pick your discounts and how much you want to save. They allow you to decide how many quotes you want. They allow you to navigate their website freely and without the burden of dealing with pushy agents before getting a quote.

Hands down, is by far the best and cheapest car insurance coverage I’ve ever received. Our entire family has gotten discounted quotes from them and many of the staff here at have done the same. The entire process only took about 2 minutes to complete and we have saved a ton of money. This is one site I would suggest everyone check out and see for yourselves.
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